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  • Planet 7 Technologies' products fully support the W3C XML specification, including XML programming frameworks such as SOAP and UDDI, and industry-specific dialects including cXML, RosettaNet, ACORD, ebXML and others.
  • The XML Network's native XML support enables integration with all other technologies that "speak" XML.
  • Ability to use HTTP as a transport means data can be submitted to XML Network Server through common Web browsers and documents anywhere on the Internet can be incorporated into XNS applications.
  • Planet 7 has joined the standards group OASIS to help spur adoption of XML and related technologies
  • Planet 7's XML Network software is written entirely in Java and runs within a Java Virtual Machine, enhancing its cross-platform capabilities.
  • Java API provides robust support for XML, including parsing, querying and navigation.
  • XML Network Server's support for Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) enables integration with a wide variety of COM-enabled technology, such as Microsoft development tools, operating systems and applications.
  • Planet 7's XML Network software runs on Windows 2000/NT and Linux.

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