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Extensible Markup Language (XML) has emerged as the common language for e-business integration and for e-commerce via the Internet or intranets. Through Planet 7's software, organizations can create an XML Network — a highly scalable, efficient, distributed e-business architecture where critical XML-based data can be shared in real time.

The XML Network based on Planet 7’s software infrastructure streamlines business transactions within companies and with partners across the Internet. Applications are deployed and integrated easily — XML-enabled applications can be placed on the network with the ease associated with plugging a PC into a LAN. This eliminates the need to add new customized, application-specific middleware for Enterprise Application Integration, and allows XML applications connected to the network as participants in, for example, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, supply chain management systems, or on-line trading hubs, to be added, modified or removed without disrupting the overall network. The result is significantly lower development and maintenance costs.

The Planet 7 Technologies solution consists of two software components: the XML Network Server™ and XML Client Objects™. Think of XML Network Server instances as hubs in an XML network, and the XML Network Client Objects as routers — in fact, the technology was modeled on the proven hub-and-router architecture of the Internet. Planet 7’s software is developed entirely in Java. It runs on Windows NT/2000, Linux and other UNIX variants, and supports important standards including the W3C’s XML specification.

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