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XML Network Client Objects™

XML transport within the network is accomplished by means of the XML Network Client Objects. These objects provide an XML routing API that creates full-duplex connection to the server and allows networked clients to see the same information in real time. This API controls the movement of "pushed" data to relevant and authorized locations, and carries out the XML Network's content-based routing. Changes to XML data are communicated as they occur to authorized clients that want the information. For example, purchase orders could be intelligently routed—based on content—to a financial subnet of the XML Network.

With just a few lines of code, the developer uses the XML Network Client Object API to add business logic (in the form of XML-enabled applications) to the XML Network. This simple process supports XML messaging between these new clients and other XML-based applications and services in the network. This improves on older forms of integration based on Web application servers that trap application code within layers of middleware. Changing an application in these older systems meant debugging numerous hardwired connections within the middleware. In contrast, networks based on Planet 7's native XML transport technology can make adding new systems as simple as plugging a PC into a LAN.

Planet 7's routing technology offers a small footprint. The client API can be used in Java and COM, enabling XML Networks to bridge heterogeneous platforms. For example, a Web site hosted in a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) environment and a supply chain application written in Java can both use the XML Network Client Objects to access the XML Network.

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